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Ahsan Khan Refuses To Jump On To ‘Boycott LSA’ Bandwagon

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Several Lux Style Awards nominees opted to boycott the ceremony over nomination of an individual accused of sexual harassment. Among them were model Eman Suleman, Generation and makeup artist Saima Bargfrede.

Amidst the controversy, Lollywood A-Lister Ahsan Khan has refused to ‘jump on the bandwagon’ that criticises the Lux Style Awards. Khan shared a message via his Instagram and said that LSA provided him a platform to exhibit his talent and recognized his performances and there was no way he was going to boycott the ceremony.

“I find it impossible to jump on to the bandwagon and criticise Lux Style Awards. The platform has always supported our industry. They are the ones who gave me the best actor award when I worked in a play that highlighted the issue of child sexual abuse,” Khan said.

He said LSA has provided platform to talk about social issues. “They gave me a platform to talk about the lynching of Mashal Khan. And they gave me an opportunity to present a song about the harassment cause,” and therefore, boycotting the ceremony was not a wise decision.

He urged everyone to let cases of sexual harassment be judged by the legal system and not jump onto conclusions. “Let us trust our legal system and get off our high horses and stop condemning people based on accusations, conjecture and gossip.”

“And we should applaud the fact that Lux Style Awards did not take it upon itself to pass judgement on a sub judice matter. Anybody can accuse anyone and without the courts it would be a lawless society,” he continued.

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