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‘Welcome Party Is UnIslamic’: Student Stabs Teacher To Death Over Argument In Class

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A student in Bahawalpur stabbed his teacher multiple times over an argument about the upcoming university Welcome Party, which the student argued was ‘unIslamic’. The teacher was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to his wounds.

According to reports, Professor Khalid Hameed of Government Sadiq Edgerton College was stabbed by his student Khateeb Hussain (5th semester of BS English) during class this morning after they had a heated argument over ‘Welcome Party’.

Khateeb said that the Welcome Party was against the teachings of Islam while the teacher was in support of organizing the event.

“Another life senselessly lost to the religious rot our system stuffs into our children’s brains,” says activist Ammar Rashid.

“The young man below has murdered his teacher because he believed that an upcoming welcome party organised by the professor for new students was ‘un-Islamic’. This is what religious extremism has done to us,” says journalist Bilal Farooqi.

“This represents a mindset of a segment which is against healthy activities in the educational institutions,” says Abdul Majeed Khan Marwat.

Earlier this week, students of the college wrote an application to Deputy Commissioner Bahawalpur and said that the English department was promoting ‘vulgarity’ in the name of the Welcome Party which was to held on Thursday (March 21).

The students asked the DC to stop promotion of ‘European culture’ which was totally ‘against the Islamic values’.

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  1. amanpreet singh March 20, 2019

    Liberal space under serious threat.if english literature student is against eurpaean culture, time for worry.

  2. Anita March 20, 2019

    Hang him! I guess killing someone is promoted in his brand of Islam!

  3. Anita March 20, 2019

    Hang him

  4. Zarah March 20, 2019

    Having a welcome party is “unislamic”, but what about killing someone? How is taking someone’s life ok and a party not? This is the kind of shit our religious zealots put out. ?


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