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Top Startups From Punjab Present Innovative Ideas At PBIT’s IT Seminar

The Punjab Board of Investment and Trade organised a seminar on Wednesday for promotion of Information Technology (IT) sector and entrepreneurship.

The seminar titled ‘Tech/Tech Enabled Sector And Entrepreneurship’ was held at Punjab Chief Minister Office. The event was attended by PBIT Chairman Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan among other dignitaries.

During the event, Tanveer lauded the startups present on the occasion and said that Pakistan’s information technology industry promises unprecedented success in the coming times. He also visited different IT stalls and appreciated the remarkable work done by Pakistani entrepreneurs.

PBIT Chairman among other dignitaries paying visits to IT stalls.

Provincial Industries, Commerce and Investment Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal said that the PTI government was looking for ways to make business easier for everyone. “The exercise has been undertaken to create ease of doing business in the province and improve competitiveness of the industry.”

He added that Pakistan’s IT industry is growing fast and PBIT’s aim was to improve it further across country and especially in Punjab. He emphasised that the biggest problem facing businesses was not ideas but capital and that Punjab government was working on it.

Ammaz, representative of the AyeCo Startup and an engineering student, said that his organisation was the first to make an electric wheelchair to help disabled persons. AyeCo’s second product was an electronic stick for blind people which helps them locate obstacles in their way.

AyeCo representative Engineer Ammaz tells us that the Startup has made an electric wheel chair and electric stick to help the disabled.

He said that such seminars and events are vital for the growth of the IT industry because they provide networking opportunities. “It’s fantastic. These events help us network and provide more opportunities for people. Startups are now the backbone of Pakistan’s economy because they provide jobs to people.”

Muhammad Ali Khursheed from Aabshar Startup said that they have made a simple tap nozzle optimizer which helps save 98% of the tap water. The nozzle is functional in 3 restaurants in Lahore. There is also an app to keep track of water wastage or leakage.

Aabshar representatives tell us about their tap nozzle optimizer, which can save up to 98% water that would otherwise go waste.

About the importance of the event, Ali said that it was a great networking opportunity. “Here you can meet and present your ideas to people who you can’t reach out to easily. This is a great opportunity,” he said. He also added that the IT industry has been growing for the past 5 years in Pakistan and the future looks bright.

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