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This Man Is Being Hailed As Hero For Chasing NZ Terrorist Away From Mosque

Abdul Aziz, one of the survivors of New Zealand mosque terrorist attacks, is being hailed as a hero for preventing more deaths during the attacks.

The acting Imam of the Linwood mosque, one of the two mosques attacked by the terrorist, Brenton Tarrant, has said that if it was not for Abdul Aziz, the number of casualties would have been much more than the already horrific number. He said that as soon as the initial shots were fired, Aziz was seen grabbing whatever he could grab and rushed out to face the terrorist. While his sons could be heard calling on him to come back, Aziz did not stop and it was his efforts that finally scared off the terrorist, he added.

Aziz said that it felt like as if he wasn’t in control of himself but was in an automated mode while facing the gunman. He said that the only thing that he could grab initially was a credit card machine that he hurled at the terrorist. The terrorist, he added, changed his weapon twice that gave him an opening to pick up an empty gun, previously used by the terrorist, and use it to startle the terrorist by attacking his car’s windscreen. This startled the attacker who fled the scene, but Aziz followed him to the next signal. It is then when Tarrant took a U-turn and fled, later to be captured by the police.

Aziz is originally from Kabul but lived most of his life in Australia. He has only recently moved to New Zealand.

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On March 15, New Zealand witnessed one of the worst mass shootings in its history. A total of 50 casualties are confirmed. The white supremacist terrorist, Brenton Tarrant, is charged with murder and it is expected that new charges will be put on him as well.



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