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Taliban Leader Mullah Omar ‘Never Hid In Pakistan, But Near US Base’

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A new biography of fugitive Taliban leader Mullah Omar has claimed that the Taliban leader had lived within the walking distance of US bases in Afghanistan.

The book also claimed that the US troops even once searched the house where he was hiding but missed the secret room he was in.

Bette Dam’s The Secret Life of Mullah Omar said that the Taliban leader never hid in Pakistan as believed by the US.

The US put a $10m bounty on Omar’s head after the 9/11 attacks and repeatedly claimed that, like al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, Omer hid in Pakistan and died there.

However, the book reveals an embarrassing failure on the side of US intelligence.

The author of the book, Dam, researched and interviewed Taliban members for five years before writing the book.

She also spoke to Omar’s bodyguard Jabbar Omari for her book.

Omari hid the fugitive Taliban leader until his death from illness in 2013.

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