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Sweden Is Offering Rs300,000/Month For Doing Nothing All Day

Would you want to work at a place where you had to do absolutely nothing at all every day and still earn around Rs300,000 every month?

Sweden will soon be offering such jobs.

According to Travel And Leisure, Sweden is hiring employees for an under construction Railway Station in the country. The employees can do anything and that would account as work.

For example, he/she can go to movies, amusement park, read books and even go to an actual job and all of it would be accounted as proper work.

This is part of a conceptual art project. Swedish artists Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby are hiring employees to do absolutely nothing.

“The position holds no duties or responsibilities, other than that it should be carried out at Korsvägen,” the duo said.

Moreover, in case you find another full-time job, the only thing you have to do is show up and mark your attendance at the Gothenburg station.

By punching the time clock, you are turning on a set of fluorescent lights over the train platforms so that everyone knows you are, in fact, working.

After that, you can do anything all day only to come back to the station and turn off the lights to mark the end of a day of productive work.

But if you are planning to apply for the job, be very sure that the competition is going to be tough.

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