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Senior Pakistani Official Says Threat Of Further Escalation With India Over

A Senior Pakistani official has said that threat of further escalation with neighbouring India is over, Express Tribune reported on Tuesday.

An international assessment of the government has concluded that the threat that things could get worse between Pakistan and India is over. This was said during a briefing given by the official to a group of journalists about the state of relations between the two neighbouring countries.

He said that there is visible de-escalation and that Pakistan does not believe India would resort to further aggression for the time being. “There is no room for such aggressive action from India,” the official said.

The assessment of the government is linked to diplomatic talks between the two countries that also involved international players. US President Donald Trump had said last month that he is receiving positive news from Pakistan.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have also been trying to broker a deal between Pakistan and India. On Saturday, high commissioners of both India and Pakistan resumed duties in their offices.

February was a tense month for both the countries. The Pulwama Attack on 14th of the month in which 44 Indian paramilitary soldiers were killed kicked off tensions.

On February 24, Indian jets intruded into Pakistani airspace and dropped payload near Balakot during a hasty escape.

On February 25, Pakistan shot down two Indian jets for entering into Pakistani airspace. Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was arrested but later released by Pakistan as a peace gesture.

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