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Reham Khan Strikes Again – Accuses Imran of Cracking Racist Jokes

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Reham Khan, ex-wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan and a journalist, has said that Imran Khan is as bigoted as Fayyazul Hassan Chohan, who was removed after derogatory remarks against the Hindu community.

Sacked provincial minister Chohan has used derogatory terms for the Hindus amid Pakistan-India tensions wherein he had referred to Hindus as “cow urine drinkers”. The remarks caused public outrage after which the minister was sacked.

However, Reham wrote in an op-ed that this wasn’t the first time Chohan had used these words.

“Chohan’s TV appearances were privately cheered on by Imran Khan,” she added.

Reham also claimed that Imran Khan routinely made racist and sexist jokes.

Recalling an incident when she first met Khan in 2013, she said that she had discussed the horrific rape incident of the physiotherapy intern in Delhi, which had grabbed the world’s attention. To which, Khan replied that “it was because Bollywood showed women in skimpy clothes that the masses were frustrated”.

She further said that she was not surprised at all when his ministers make identical remarks in public about Hindus or film stars.

“The direct calls made to Imran to remove these racist, bigoted loudmouths make me smile. If only those complaining knew that these men mirror their leader,” she said.


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