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‘Real Hero’: Pakistani Man Who Tried To Stop New Zealand Gunman Dies

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Naeem Rashid, a Pakistani man who tried to stop New Zealand shooter, died after sustaining severe injuries.

Brother of Naeem Rashid, Khurshid Alam, confirmed to CNN in Abbottabad that his brother and nephew were among those killed.

Rashid, 50, was in New Zealand for seven years and used to teach at a university and his son Talha Rashid, 21, was a university teacher.

A gunman went on a shooting rampage in two mosques of New Zealand, killing 49 people and injuring many. The shooter live streamed the attack and in the video, Rashid could be seen stopping the shooter.

Earlier, Foreign Office Spokesperson Muhammad Faisal had confirmed that four Pakistanis were wounded in Friday’s deadly attack on two mosques in Christchurch in New Zealand.

In an official statement, Faisal had said that four Pakistanis were confirmed to be injured in the attack, while five others were missing. He said that the foreign office is constantly in contact with officials in New Zealand to locate the missing individuals. The high commission is also in touch with the families.

‘Real Hero’:

“People who watched the horrific video of Christchurch attack would have noticed the man who tried to stop the white supremacist Australian terrorist. The man was a Pakistani #NaeemRashid. A while ago he embraced martyrdom in hospital. His son aged 22 was killed in the Mosque.”

People are calling him a “real hero” and paying him tribute.

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A social media user said that salute to  “real hero” Naeem Rashid who tried to stop the terrorist attack.

Another social media user said that “he tried to grab the terrorist and stop him. He lost his life. Only few have courage to do so”.

[In Pictures] World Mourns Terror Attacks:

“A British Christian man stood at the door of a mosque in Manchester and wrote on a tablet: “You are my friends I will watch while you pray”.

Worshippers pray for victims and families of the Christchurch shootings during an evening vigil in Australia.

A flag flies at half mast in Westminster in London.

People lay flowers outside New Zealand house.

People walk past the NASDAQ market site as it displays a sign of support for New Zealand in New York.


Eiffel Tower goes dark


Photos’ Courtesy: AP


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