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PTI Livid Because Bilawal Attacking Banned Outfits: Murtaza Solangi

Bilawal Bhutto’s criticism of govt policy on banned outfits has angered PTI. Asad Umar has directed personal attacks at Bilawal and termed his statements against banned outfits as anti-Pakistan.

Asad Umar has said that Bilawal can talk against him but not against Pakistan. But Murtaza Solangi says that Bilawal has not spoken against banned outfits for the first time or in an attempt to attack PTI. He says Bilawal has always spoken against banned outfits, even before the elections.

Solangi says Bilawal lost his mother to terrorism and the issue is very personal to him. Solangi also said that Pakistan needs to do sincere policy making to counter banned outfits as the case over it is pretty weak in eyes of world powers.

He says as long as PTI govt does not adopt stern policies to counter banned outfits, debate and criticism will continue. Sheikh Rasheed also tweeted death threats to Bilawal and was criticized by the social media. People are also asking for his removal.


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