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PM Khan Needs A Team That Can Replicate His Vision: Naveed Shigri

Naveed Shigri Responds To Punjab Government’s Bill To Raise Salaries And Perks Of MPAs and CM

Transparency is all PTI used to talk about before elections but we can all see how the govt is being run now. Imran Khan has expressed ‘disappointment’ over Punjab Assembly’s bill raising salaries and perks for members, ministers and the chief minister.

Mr Khan, the disappointment you’ve expressed, might suit a common citizen, a common taxpayer who doesn’t have access to the corridors of power. You are the prime minister yourself. You can’t get away with only being ‘disappointed’. You have to do something about it and I’m sure you and your team will take some action on this.

Talking about the team, your information minister tweeted that the act is in complete violation of your vision but chief minister is yours, Speaker is your ally, Governor is yours if your vision still doesn’t translate into reality, where’s the problem?

Talking about the team again, some members of your team used to claim that 200 billion dollars will be brought back to Pakistan from the Swiss banks. So when they have to take a U-turn, it creates problems for you all I want to say is that you need to select a team that helps you implement your vision.

Electricity and gas prices are rising, price of basic commodities are rising. When a common man hears that govt has raised prices for Hajj, because it can’t offer subsidies and then they come to know of a bill raising members’ salaries and perks several times, then there’s certainly some disconnect.

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