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PM Khan Is Unhappy Over Punjab Assembly Pay Rise Bill

Punjab Assembly recently passed a bill to increase salary and perks of MPAs, ministers and the CM.

As per the bill, the monthly salary of members, including perks and allowances, was raised from Rs83,000 to Rs210,000. MPAs basic salaries were increased from Rs18,000 to Rs80,000 while daily allowance was increased from Rs1,000 to Rs4,000.

Also, CM Usman Buzdar will also get a house in Lahore if he does not have one of his own. Moreover, he will also be given a 2500cc car, 10 security guards and several servants.

This has ‘extremely disappointed’ PM Imran Khan. But the disappointment is not enough. He has to guarantee that PTI upholds its austerity promises and remind his subordinates that they are here to serve the public, not their pockets.


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