PM Khan Calls Jacinda Ardern, Lauds Her Over Exemplary Leadership

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PM Khan Calls Jacinda Ardern, Lauds Her Over Exemplary Leadership

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday appreciated New Zealand counterpart Jacinda Ardern for humanely handling last Friday’s mosques attack in Christchurch in which 50 people were killed.

Khan and Ardern had a telephonic conversation on Thursday. During the call, Khan lauded the New Zealand authorities for their swift response to the attack. He also appreciated Ardern for showing high level of respect to the victim families, and for setting great example of leadership.

Khan told his counterpart that he was calling to thank her on behalf of the entire Pakistani nation for her compassion and leadership. He also extended invitation to Ardern to visit Pakistan in the near future.

Ardern told Khan that New Zealand was ‘shocked’ that such an attack occurred in the country. She also told Khan of the anti-gun policies adopted by the country in the wake of the attack.

She also acknowledged the sacrifices of Pakistanis, especially Naeem Rashid who jumped on the attacker to try and stop him from killing people.

Ardern assured New Zealand would continue to protect freedom of Muslims and other communities in the country.

An official press release from the Prime Minister Office said: “Ardern has shown the way to other leaders in the face of rising Islamophobia and global extremism, said a press release from the prime minister’s office.”

The New Zealand PM on Wednesday announced that Azaan (Muslim call to prayer) will be broadcasted on Radio and Television as mark of solidarity with the victims.

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