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Pakistani Students Win $20,000 For Inventing Cost-Effective Ventilator

A group of Pakistani students won US$20,000 for inventing a cost-effective ventilator, aimed at helping the poor and needy with breathing difficulties. The machine – known as Umbilizer – will cost around $2000. In comparison, a traditional ventilator costs around $15,000.

According to MIT News, the team won $20,000 at the annual MIT Sloan Healthcare Innovations Prize competition. Boston University graduate Shaheer Piracha and Harvard Medical School student Sanchay Gupta invented the device which looks more like a printer than a traditional ventilator.

The two also plan to bring the device to Pakistan. Moreover, Piracha says for a country of 200 million people, Pakistan has only 2000 ventilators. He says early tests in the country have been successful.

“When we spoke to Pakistani doctors and hospital administrators, they expressed a need for a device that is simple to operate, capable of remote monitoring, portable, and built using locally sourced material,” Piracha said. The prize money will be invested in the machine’s current trial.

The Pakistani students also plan to spread the device across South Asia if success is achieved in Pakistan. There are combined 2 million preventable deaths from respiratory diseases each year in South Asia, Africa and South America.

Pakistani Student Raadeyah Aamir Selected For NASA Internship

Pakistani student Raadeyah Aamir was selected to participate in NASA Internship programme in February. The 12-year-old attended a one-week program which included training for next-generation Astronaut Training Experience.

“I am very much interested in space exploration and glittering stars in the galaxy. I want my country people to pray for my success in this regard,” she said.

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