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Pakistani Family Saved Dozens During New Zealand Attack

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More than two weeks after the tragic mass shootings in Christchurch which left 50 people dead, a new tale of heroism has emerged in form of a Pakistani family which saved dozens during the attacks.

Hina Amir, a software engineer who migrated to New Zealand with her family in 2016, was driving past the mosque when she heard gunfire and saw people fleeing the Al Noor mosque.

The couple quickly realized what was going on, but instead of driving away from the danger zone, Hina reversed the car to allow fleeing people to jump in.

Shooting witness Hina Amir outside the Masjid Al Noor in Hagley Park. (Source: Stuff.co.nz/Iain McGregor)

The car, now facing towards Hagley Park, was fully exposed. The vehicle shielded dozens of worshippers from the gunfire but it was a terrifying experience for the couple as bullets were rained at their vehicle. “When he was shooting on our car the gun shots were so strong the car was actually shaking,” Hina told Stuff.

“For at least 10 seconds we heard bullets and the window glass breaking on us. He kept shooting and shooting. He was making sure anyone in the car and on the other side got shot,” Hina said.

‘For at least 10 seconds we heard bullets and the window glass breaking on us’: Hina Amir. (Source: Stuff.co.nz)

The couple managed to stand in the way of dozens of people being shot at, but Hina is deeply saddened that they could not save a 17-year-old High School student who was running away from the shooter.

“He managed to run out of the mosque but was shot two feet away from us,” Hina said as she broke into tears. “It was the only regret I have. It shouldn’t happen to them.”

The shooter rained bullets for 10 seconds, which felt like a lifetime for the couple, before it stopped and they were ushered by a resident nearby.

The world is proud of Hina Amir, her husband and brave and selfless people like them.

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