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Pakistan to charge India with eco-terrorism at UN

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Pakistan is set to lodge an eco-terrorism complaint against India at the United Nations, a few days after the latter had bombed Jabba, a hilly forest area near the northern town of Balakot, about 40km from occupied Kashmir.

According to Reuters, Climate Change Minister Malik Amin Aslam said Indian jets bombed a “forest reserve” and the government was undertaking an environmental impact assessment, which will be the basis a complaint at the United Nations and other forums.

“What happened over there is environmental terrorism,” Aslam said, adding that dozens of pine trees had been felled. “There has been serious environmental damage.”


Social media users’ reactions:

Soon after the news started making rounds on the social media, people lauded Pakistan for its sense of humour.

A journalist wrote: “Suspect Pakistan may be trolling India here…”

Another user wrote: “This is hilarious”.

Another user said: “One thing for sure – Pakistanis have an excellent sense of humor!”

Another user pointed out that Pakistanis love trees.


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