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Pakistan And India Can’t Afford War. Here Is Why

According to World Bank report, Pakistan has the highest number of people living below the poverty line. India ranks second in the list. Both Pakistan & India have a high infant mortality rate too.

Study reveals that almost 30% of Pakistanis were living below poverty line of Rs3,030 per adult per month in 2013. But if we are to look into it according to International set standards, which say anyone earning below $2 per day is poor, then 60% of Pakistanis live under the poverty line.

Situation is pretty much similar in neighbouring India. India has around 70.6 million people living in extreme poverty e.g. earning $1.92 per day. The poorest province in Pakistan is Balochistan while the poorest state in India is Bihar.

Tensions between both Pakistan and India are high after the Pulwama Attack. The Modi government aggressively wants war and Pakistan has also said that if will retaliate if provoked.

Considering the problem of poverty and others including economic instability, climate change and poor health conditions facing both sides of the border, should we even imagine going to war?


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