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Pak-India Tensions: Adnan Siddiqui Removes Picture With Sri Devi After Public Outrage

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Pakistan actor Adnan Siddiqui shared a picture with late Indian Bollywood actress Sri Devi on Instagram but removed it later after being subjected to criticism.

Keeping in view the tensions between Pakistan and India after the Pulwama Attack and the aftermath, users on Instagram criticized Siddiqui for sharing a memorable picture with Sri Devi in which both are all smiles.

Though not troublesome for many users, Adnan chose to remove it and post an explanation after he was met with criticism and majority outrage. He said that the picture was a memorable one but he realizes that he should not have shared it on public forum.

The picture, he added, in no way meant that he did not support his country.

“Whatever said and done, my country comes above all and I’m a proud Pakistani with all my heart. If I ever have to make a choice – it’ll always be my country first.”

“But I understand, may be it was wrong timing and I would like to apologise for that. Peace and love to all. As a mark of respect and keeping the sentiments intact – I’m deleting the post. Pakistan Zindabad,” he said.

But there were also those who came in support of Siddiqui saying that the post was a ‘beautiful one’ and should not have been removed.

Tensions between Pakistan and India are on the rise since the Pulwama Attack. India has banned Pakistani artists from performing in the country, while Pakistan has also banned Indian films in the country.

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