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New Zealand Mosques Shooting: Things We Know Thus Far About The Suspect

Friday’s attack in two New Zealand mosques has left over 49 people dead. The suspect Brenton Tarrant live streamed himself shooting people inside the mosque, and his images are circulating all over the internet.

Snapshot from Live Stream of the attack.

What Exactly Happened?

According to the Daily Mail, the attacker is a 28-year-old from Australia. Eye witnesses said that he entered the mosque and opened fire at the people praying which resulted in tens of deaths and injuries. Witnesses also said that they heard at least 50 shots being fired.

In this snapshot, the suspect is entering the mosque.

A Muslim man is said to have chased him with a weapon of his own, but he managed to escape. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called it the ‘worst day’ in New Zealand’s history. It was also confirmed that an AR15 rifle was used in the attack.

Who Is Brenten Tarrant?

Prior to the attack, he penned a 73-paged manifesto titled ‘The Great Replacement,’ in which he described himself as an ‘ordinary white man’.

He wrote that he had planned the attack 2-years-ago, but decided the exact location only 3 months prior to the date of the attack.

A young Tarrant with his father.

He said he initially planned to target a mosque in Dunedin, but changed to the Al Noor and Masjid Mosques because they had ‘far more invaders’.

He wrote about how after attacking those two mosques he planned to drive to a mosque in Ashburton, an hour south of Chirstchurch. “I am unsure as of this time of writing whether I will reach that target, it is a bonus objective.”

He also wrote that he had no plans to attend after high school and aims to travel the world.

Tarrant is believed to have travelled to Europe, South-East Asia and east Asia.

In a previous Facebook message about a trip to Pakistan on Facebook, he wrote: ‘an incredible place filled with the most earnest, kind hearted and hospitable people in the world,’ The Sydney Morning Herald reported.  ‘The beauty of hunza and nagar valley in autumn cannot be beat,’ he stated.

According to a women Tarrant, he is an ‘unremarkable’ man but does not believe he had been radicalized in some way. She said Tarrant and herself never talked about religion or politics, but she knew he was a traveller.

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  1. Khwaja Izhar Ahmed March 15, 2019

    Terrorist’s gun
    This is the gun that the Terrorist used to kill and murder the Muslims in the two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. This weapon has been covered with extremist Christian bigotry, and many dates and names from the pages of history (many of these figures mentioned have always been revered in the Christian Extremist ideology for ages) has been written all over the weapon.
    Now, what does these writings actually mean ? Let’s go through one by one.
    1) Charles Martel
    Charles Martel was the King of Francia (Modern day France), he is known in European history for one specific thing, he was the one who stopped the Islamic Caliphates advance into Western Europe in the battle of Tours in 732 CE. For this reason, he is revered and placed into a divine status in Christian extremist teachings.
    2) Tours 732
    The Battle of Tours in 732 CE, was perhaps the most defining battle in the history of Europe. The Muslim forces of the Umayyad Caliphate completely crushed the Christian Kingdoms of Spain and conquered all of Spain, and advanced unopposed towards conquering Western Europe. If we compare the balance of power during that time, the Ummayad Caliphate was the worlds sole Super Power, and militarily and technologically far more advanced than the Christian Kingdoms of Europe. The only Kingdom that was some what capable to put up a resistance to the mighty Caliphate in all of Europe was the Kingdom of Francia (France).
    The battle initially went very well for the Muslims, the Caliphate was nearly victorious, but the soldiers in the Caliphate army got greedy seeing the war booty and wealth lying in the battlefield and disobeyed commander Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqis orders and broke ranks to collect the wealth. Seeing this, the Christian forces rallied, and charged the Muslims, most of the Muslims were unarmed as they put down their weapons in order to secure as many wealth as they could. Shocked, the Caliphate soldiers fled the battle and brave Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi alone in a last effort, led a valiant charge against the Franks and embraced martyrdom.
    Most historians predict that if the Muslims had won the battle of Tours, the Muslims would have conquered all of Western Europe.
    3) Vienna 1683
    The battle of Vienna in 1683 CE was the last offensive Jihad led by an Islamic Caliphate in history. The Ottoman Caliphate in the 16th century was the superpower of the world, it’s army was huge and its military was unmatched. Since the foundation of the Ottoman Caliphate, it was conquering Europe with ease, the Pope initiated many Crusades and created many Christian coalitions to stop the Ottoman advance, but even with all of Europe united, they were still unable to stop the rising threat of the Ottomans.
    in 1683 CE, the Ottoman army besieged the city of Vienna, at that time the city was known as the ‘heart of Europe’, the Ottomans had a gigantic army of 300,000. but in the end due to the Ottoman Commander Kara Mustaphas arrogance and disobedience to the Sultans orders, the Ottomans lost the battle, and Kara Mustapha was executed by the Sultans orders. The defeat in Vienna in 1683 was catastrophic for the Muslim world, this began the slow decline of the Islamic Ummah and since there was no offensive war or Islamic expansion, technological innovations and thinking from the Muslim world started to fall apart as well.
    1683 CE is the year where the Islamic Ummah lost the Super Power status of the world.
    4) Calivijo 844
    The according to the sources of the Spanish Church, Battle of Calivjo was a great ‘victory’ for the Christians over the Muslims. but however, most of the modern European Historians have declared that no such battle took place and it was a myth made up by the Church of Spain to boost the hatred towards the Muslims. There is no historical evidence of it.
    The most hilarious part is that according to the sources of the Spanish Church, the apostle James, son of Zebedee, a companion of Jesus who died 800 years earlier, suddenly ‘appeared’ and led the Christian army to gain its victory.
    5) Odo the great
    Odo the ‘Great’ was the ruler of the Frankish state of Aquitaine in France in the 700s, he was is known in the European world as the first Chrstian king to defeat the Umayyad Caliphate in battle in 721 CE. As a result he earned the nickname ‘the great’. However in 732 CE, he was humiliatingly defeat by Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi in the Battle of the River Garonne.
    Ironically, his fellow Christian rulers like Charles Martel later waged war and destroyed his Kingdom. So called ‘Christian brotherhood’.
    6) Alexandre Bissonnette
    Alexandre Bissonnette is the name of the terrorist who carried out the The Quebec City mosque shooting in Canada in January 29, 2017.
    7) Skanderbeg
    Skanderbeg (1405-1468) was an Albanian nobleman who initially served the Ottoman Empire initially but later betrayed them and led a rebellion against the Ottoman Sultanate.
    He was so ruthless in his war against the Ottomans, since he lacked the military capability to take on the mighty Ottoman forces, he resorted to guerrilla warfare, and caused much headache to the Ottoman province of Albania. He was so cruel to the Muslims, it is said that he used to torture even little Muslim kids in front of their naked mothers.
    For his early successes, Sultan Mehmed II crushed his rebellion later on. He was so ruthless and blood thirsty that even the Christian nobles who joined his rebellion later requested Sultan Mehmed II to get rid of his tyranny. His rebellion failed to stop the Ottoman advance.
    8 ) Anton Lundin Pettersson
    Anton Lundin Pettersson is the terrorist who carried out the Trollhättan school attack in Sweden on 22 October 2015. He was a 21 year old who was radicalized by extremist Christian teachings, who later went on killing children in a school where majority were Muslims.
    9) Marco Antonio Bragadin
    Marco Antonio Bragadin (21 April 1523 – 17 August 1571)
    was a military officer in the Republic of Venice. In 1569 he was elected as Captain of the Kingdom of Cyprus and moved to Famagusta, from there he attacked Muslim ships and Hajj ships which were carrying Muslim pilgrims to Mecca and Medina. The captured Muslims prisoners were tortured and were mercilessly executed on September 17, 1570, the Ottoman Navy besieged the city, unable to overcome superior Ottoman tactics and technology, the city crumbled and fell. He was later executed by the Ottomans for the crimes he committed towards the Muslims.
    10) Kebab
    The modern terminology of ‘Kebab’ is a derogatory term for Muslims. It was used during the Ottoman times by the Christian states to refer to the Ottomans since the Ottomans invented Kebab.
    11) For Berlin, For Madrid
    Reference to the attacks carried out by ISIS in the city of Berlin and Madrid.
    As evident by the writings of his gun, the attack was a religiously motivated massacre, it was an act of Christian extremism, It was an act of terror driven by religious fanaticism.
    © Aadhil AX, Islamic Historian.

  2. Babur March 15, 2019


  3. Arbab ul haq March 15, 2019

    He has done what he had planned to do. but now it is up to to the Government how he handles the matter. It is terrorist move so he should be treated as terrorist.

  4. Joy March 16, 2019

    Regardless of the religion, gender, or the race, I cannot imagine anything more horrific than some mentally unstable person shooting people while they are praying.
    They, too, have/had thoughts, feelings, family members who are now grieving, friends who will miss them, dreams left unreached now lost.
    I wish people would consider that everyone, regardless of skin color, religion, gender, etc are just like you in so many ways. They have favorite foods, favorite colors, favorite music they listen to, a favorite outfit they like to wear.
    It breaks my heart every time I hear of more lives lost in such unspeakable atrocities.
    But then, the Native American’s were treated the same way.
    It’s an absolute shame that even after all these years, we as Human Beings have failed to learn from our past.
    Violence only begets Violence.
    When we learn to overcome our fear of one another, seeing each person as our sisters and brothers, then and only then, will we know peace.
    After all, fear is the driving mindset behind the creation of weapons and/or the use of these weapons against other Human Beings.


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