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More Evidence Emerge Against India’s Claim Of Striking Militant Camp In Pakistan

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High-resolution satellite images show that the building, which India has claimed to bomb after intruding into Pakistan’s airspace, is still standing.

On February 26, the Pakistan Air Force thwarted an early morning incursion into its airspace by Indian fighter aircraft forcing them to flee; however, India claimed that it completed its mission and bombed a religious school allegedly run by Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM). India is yet to provide any evidence of it.

According to Reuters, the image is virtually unchanged from an April 2018 satellite photo of the facility. There are no discernible holes in the roofs of buildings, no signs of scorching, blown-out walls, displaced trees around the madrasa or other signs of an aerial attack.

The images cast further doubt on statements made over the last eight days by the Indian government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the February 26 raids had hit all the intended targets at the madrasa site near Jaba village and the town of Balakot in Pakistan.

Tensions between Pakistan and India have escalated since the Pulwama attack of February 14; following which, India had intruded into Pakistan’s airspace and in retaliation Pakistan downed two Indian jets and captured an Indian pilot, who was later released as a peace gesture.

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