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Islamabad: Gourmet, China Town, Haleemghar, Foody Moody selling food unfit for consumption

ISLAMABAD: Around 7 restaurants in capital Islamabad including 4 reputed restaurants Gourmet Bakers, China Town, Haleemghar and Foody Moody are using unfit food items, hazardous for human health, the Food department of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) told Naya Daur.

According to the details, the Food department in recent inspection visits collected samples from the reputed expensive restaurants and sent them to the National Institute of Health (NIH) for medical inspection where they were found unfit and hazardous for human health.

Food department data confirms that Gourmet Bakers’ (F-7 branch) chicken sandwich was medically inspected by NIH where the food item was marked unfit for health by the experts who accused the bakery of using low standard materials in preparation.

Some days ago, pictures of food items full of fungi from the Gourmet bakers were circulating on social media. Food department later inspected the branch on public complaints.

The data further added that from China Town, a reputed name in food industry, samples of cooking oil were sent to the NIH after complaints of general public where the NIH experts marked the cooking oil unfit for human health.

Haleemghar is another reputed name in restaurants. Their Haleem and Nihari food products were sent to NIH for medical examinations where the experts found both food products unhygienic and unfit for health. Samples were sent from 2 branches for medical checkups by the food department.

Samples from Foody Moddy were sent to NIH for medical inspections where their item was also marked unfit for health and marked unhygienic.

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The food department official, while talking exclusive with Naya Daur, told that the food hygiene situation inside Islamabad is pathetic due to no food regulatory authority despite various promises. He added that the department lacked human resource as well as other modern techniques. The authorities inside the capital struggled to ensure safe food to the general public.

“Our focus was mainly on small restaurants but later when we started inspection of premier restaurants the environment inside their kitchen as well as the food items were found to be pathetic and in fresh raids Gourmet Bakers, China Town, Haleemghar and Foody Moddy were found selling unfit items to their customers”, the official added.

A high official of the ICT told Naya Daur that the inspection visits will be done on daily basis to ensure healthy food items for general public and no pressure or influence will be accepted and accused will be dealt strictly according to the law.


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