Is Adnan Sami Pakistani spy? Well Twitter thinks so....

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Is Adnan Sami Pakistani spy? Well Twitter thinks so….

Social media users on Saturday trolled singer Adnan Sami, who originally hails from Pakistan but now holds Indian citizenship, days after the singer took a dig at “Pakistani trolls” and said that their “ostrich mentality is laughable”.

Twitterati claimed that the singer is actually a “Pakistani super spy” and apparently it was because of his intelligence reports that Pakistan was able to shot down two Indian jets.

“Just because of his information, Pakistan were able to shot down India’s 2 jets. Salute ISI Major General Adnan Sami.”

“Adnan Sami, nation’s unsung hero, never took credit for his great work to ISI, he’s literally living the raazi film in india – GREAT MAN”

“Do you know that Adnan Sami was appointed as an head of Khalistan Movement by ISI in India. Yesterday he visited Golden Temple with his wife where he met some local supporters of Khalistan Movement. The way he works on his secret missions is incredible.”

However, some users were concerned about Adnan Sami’s safety in India as his secret identity was revealed now.

A user wrote: “And same goes for #Adnan_Sami case. He is also on a secret mission but we are revealing this info again and again. I don’t know why are we so keen to expose our own agent. That’s sad.”

Another user wrote: “Please guys stop making fun of our great Hero. @AdnanSamiLive It could be dangerous for him. Don’t share sensitive information about major Adnan Sami #AdnanSami #PakistanZindabad”

Journalist Mubasher Lucman also urged “miscreants” to “stop exposing our great secret agent”.

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