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Indians call out media for ‘spreading hate’ amid Pakistan-India tensions

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Ever since the Pulwama attack that killed more than 40 Indian troops, India’s television news networks have been beating the drum of war and now Indians have called out their media for spreading hate amid escalations of tension between Pakistan and India.

Social media users posted pictures of journalists, who rallied for war, with captions “boycott fake media” and “boycott hate speech”.

One user wrote: “All these traitors of India should be tried for treason whenever there is a change in Government! #GaddarList”

Another user wrote: “Are they Journalists Or Cheer Leaders? #GaddarList”

One user was of the view that media should be boycotted until the elections, which are to be held by May.

One user wrote: “Are they journalists or BJP paid agents? #GaddarList”

Another user wrote: “Since the enemy from within is more dangerous (because they tend to back bite & backstab) it’s wise to make a comprehensive list & keep on updating the list & keep on exposing them! #GaddarList”



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