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Indian Sikhs Praise Imran Khan, Smash TV Set Over Media Warmongering

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Tensions between Pakistan and India are high ever since the Pulwama Attack in which 40 plus Indian paramilitary soldiers were killed in occupied Kashmir. The Indian media has fueled the fire with its jingoistic reporting and Indians are not happy over it.

In a video that has viral on social media, a Sikh can be seen smashing his TV saying that this was the reason for all the problems. “The media has been nothing but a mouthpiece of the government. This (TV) is the reason for all the problems and I am going to break it. Let’s boycott TV and media,” he said.

He also said that Prime Minister Imran Khan showed sanity and wisdom during trying times and that de-escalated the situation otherwise things could have led to war.

India media has also been criticized by foreign publications who have cited their ‘biased’ reporting. A US publication, Foreign Policy, said that “if India and Pakistan ever resolve their conflict, it won’t be thanks to the Indian media”.

The Indian media has done nothing but created confusion and spread misinformation regarding the events that transpired after the Pulwama attack, including Indian Air Force intruding into Pakistan’s airspace and in retaliation Pakistan downing two Indian military jets.

According to an investigation carried out by The Washington Post, many reports run by the Indian media were contradictory, biased, incendiary and uncorroborated. “News organisations such as India Today, NDTV, News 18, the Indian Express, First Post, Mumbai Mirror, ANI and others routinely attributed their information to anonymous ‘government sources’, ‘forensic experts’, ‘police officers’ and ‘intelligence officers’.

No independent investigations were conducted, and serious questions about intelligence failures were left unanswered.”

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