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German Ambassador Wants His Vespa Painted With Pakistani Truck Art

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German Ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler is getting his Vespa painted with Pakistani truck art.

Taking to Twitter, he said that he got a permit for exporting his Vespa last month. So, now he has decided to paint it with truck art.

“Look at these beautifully painted parts of my Vespa in making,” he shared.

He said: “Look at this beautifully painted parts of my vespa in making.. Last month got a permit for exporting my vespa; so why not do some truck art? Already loving it. Will keep you guys updated.”

One social media user asked the German ambassador: what about the helmet? To which, he replied: “will show you tomorrow.”

Another social media user lauded Martin, saying that “you are an ambassador of Pakistan, not Germany”.

He further praised the German ambassador for “showing the world a positive face of Pakistan”, saying “and salute to your ninja energy level. You are moving around Pakistan as an ordinary citizen and showing the world a positive face of Pakistan.”

One social media user urged the German ambassador to give charpai a try too.

“Also try the local wooden Charpai. You will love the patterns on its legs (vertical posts) and the soft feel of its natural fibre weave that doesn’t require a mattress.”




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