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From The City Of Baba Bulleh Shah To The Den Of Some Of The Most Heinous Crimes Against Humanity. What Went Wrong With Kasur?

Kasur was once the city of Baba Bulleh Shah. It was known for its awesome fish, Kasuri Falooda and the shrine of 18th century Sufi poet Baba Bulleh Shah. But today, Kasur makes headlines for all the wron reasons.

In 2015, the city came under global radar when a gang involved in making over 350 child pornographic videos. For months, the issue remained the biggest subject of debate in the country.

Although the issue subsided from the news media few months later, reports of children going missing, raped and killed continued to irk those following the developments in the city.

Then it blew up last year in January when Zainab Ansari, a 7-year-old girl, was raped and killed in the city by a neighbourer who later confessed to have raped and killed other children as well. The city erupted in protests and the government finally took action. Zainab’s killer was caught, interrogated, convicted and executed within a record time.

However, the city continues to make headlines for all the bad reasons. Now, it is the turn of violence against women cases.

But why is it happening in Kasur? Why has the city of Baba Bulleh Shah become notorious for such heinous crimes against humanity.

Some say that being a border town, Kasur has been purposely kept backward. Some believe its vicinity with India is the reason child pornography racket existed here, since India has a huge market for the such stuff.

Whatever the reason, the things aren’t right in Kasur. And the government and police must make sure that the law and order is restored in the city.


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Naya Daur