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Father arrested for sending videos of beating 4-year-old

Police arrested a man in the Indian city of Patna after an extremely disturbing video showing him beating his 4-year-old daughter went viral. The video was posted on Facebook by the mother of the little girl, Naina Kumari. As per reports, Kumari’s husband Krishna Muktibodh was a drunk who habitually beat her during their 16 year-long marriage. According to Kumari, she filed a complaint in the local police station against her husband but they took no action because Krishna, a former lecturer at a local university had bribed them. She further claims that rather than helping her, the officials pressurised her to continue to live with her abusive husband.

Seeing no other option, Kumari, eight months ago fled form the city. She managed to take her two daughters with her but was unable to take the youngest one. In retaliation, Krishna started sending daily videos to his wife of him beating their young daughter.

Kumari shared five of those videos on Facebook, appealing for help. The disturbing images of the young girl begging for mercy instantly went viral, forcing the Patna police to take action against the father, who has now been arrested. The young child has been safely recovered by the police and is waiting for her mother’s return to Patna.

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