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Extremism Is a Global Curse. Let’s Understand & Deal With It

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My brief comment on Terrorism elicited an unexpected negative reaction from a dear friend who thought my approach was merely legalistic and I had not taken into account the ‘hegemonic discourse on terrorism’. I have requested a clarification but in the meantime I want to share with you two items I have posted on Facebook.

  1. The Great Replacement

The 87-page document The Great Replacement terrorist Tarrant Breton has written to justify his attack on the mosque in Christchurch is an interesting though frightening work of prose with some racist poetry to embellish the sinister arguments.

I have just finished doing a preliminary study of the argumentation set for by Tarrant Brenton, an Australian who killed some 50 worshippers in a mosque in Christchurch.

The Core Argument he sets forth is that the survival of the White Race or Europeans depends on Islam and Muslims and other cultures which are not Christian being eradicated from where the white nations reside.

He believes being racist is being true to one’s people and everything is justified to preserve one’s race.

Ironically, he does not mention that New Zealand, Australia and the Americas were once upon a time stolen from indigenous populations and the whites themselves have been invading and taking away the land of others. In his twisted reasoning it is only natural that the superior race will do that and does so.

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He alleges that Muslim propagation of children will result in the whites becoming a minority in their own lands.

He says he has nothing against Muslims as long as they live in their own countries but they have to be eliminated from where European societies are settled.

He uses the term invaders for Muslim immigrants.

He says his action is meant to give voice to the silent majority of whites who feel like him but are too scared to speak out.

The argument is an old one and has been repeated many times.

Once upon a time Jews were accused of a grand conspiracy to take over Europe. It culminated in the Holocaust.

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Now, the great worry is Muslim immigration.

I am not surprised though I am worried since I live in northern Europe where Muslim growth rates are causing concern.

I don’t think Tarrant Breton’s ideas or action are likely to start a race war but attacks on Muslims can increase. Election trends show that anti-Muslim, anti-immigration parties are consistently increasing their support.

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Let me point out that the three ideologues of Islamism: Syed Abul Ala Maududi, Syed Qutb and Ayatollah Khomeini declare that Islam seeks to dominate the world and all means are justified to spread it all over the world. Moreover, Muslim extremism and terrorism have created great fear about a Muslim takeover of the world.

I don’t think Western governments will ever let that happen. I don’t live in a Fool’s Paradise.

The population explosion in Pakistan is a cause of great worry even for Pakistan and it is no wonder that in other parts of the world Grand Conspiracy Theories of a Muslim bid to take over the world are in circulation.

In India, a Muslim takeover conspiracy theory is very popular among ultra-Hindu nationalists.

It is time to think of ways and means of countering such propaganda but it also requires that all extremist ideas and ideologies prevalent among Muslims have to be defeated intellectually and politically.

  1. Horrific Murder Of A Professor In Bahawalpur, 20 March 2019

A most shocking news has emerged that Professor Khalid Hameed, Head of the English Department, Government Sadiq Egerton College, Bahawalpur has been murdered by his student.

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According to police report and Dawn, Khateeb Hussain, a fanatical Muslim, disapproved of a welcome party the professor wanted to arrange for new students on 21 March because it would mean free mingling of boys and girls!

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He stabbed the professor with a knife. When told that the victim had died he expressed no regrets.

It puts into sharp relief the terrorism which has been cultivated in Pakistan over a long period of time by the authorities and nobody knows when a demented Islamist can resort to such gruesome methods.

That Pakistan enjoys the unenviable reputation of a terrorist state may be an exaggeration but there is no doubt that it has nurtured the worst type of mindset.

There is no difference between Khateeb Hussain and Tarrant Brenton, the man who gunned down worshippers in a mosque in New Zealand.

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I hope this fellow is meted out the severest punishment recommended by law in Pakistan.

The blasphemy law has created an environment where thousands of such extremists believe they are doing a great service to Islam by killing blasphemers.

Racism, religious fanaticism, ultra-nationalism – all are evils of the same nature and category.

I join others in offering heartfelt condolences to the family of Professor Khalid Hameed. I had never met him but I can understand that he was an enlightened man whose life has been taken away by a medieval beast.


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