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Eminem Ain’t Got Nothing On This Rickshaw Driver Cum Rapper From Karachi

A video of a Rickshaw driver in North Karachi has gone viral. In the video, he is not doing his usual Rickshaw driving job, or even the viral-worthy stunts.

He is spitting lines on a beat that plays in the background and he totally does it pretty well.

The middle-aged Pakistani man in a pink snapback cap shares his story via the rap song. He tells that he is from North Karachi and goes on to take a few jabs at politicians saying that the people of Karachi do not trust them.

His talent has got Pakistani’s reacting.

People are absolutely loving it.

The real OG from Karachi.

The rap scene is becoming popular in Pakistan thanks to artists like Bohemia, Bilal Saeed and the Lyari Underground. So much so that Bollywood movie Gully Boy that was based on a rapper’s life was a big hit in Pakistan despite political tensions.


But what they do in movies, we do in real. ??

Earlier this week, rapper Eva B from Lyari performed at the Aurat March and caught the attention of many. She performed her rap song Gully Girls which was released via Patari.

Here is Eva B Performing at Aurat March

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