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Does Imran Khan Deserve Nobel Peace Prize? Twitter Users Believe So

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Prime Minister Imran Khan won millions of hearts on both side of the border after he decided to return arrested Indian pilot Abhinandan to India as a peace gesture.

Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was caught after his jet was shot down by Pakistan Air Force (PAF) for intruding into Pakistan’s territory. A day later, PM Khan addressed a National Assembly session in which he announced to release the Indian pilot, a decision that was welcomed with loud applause.

Khan is also being lauded on both sides of the border for choosing peace over war and violence. People, especially those from Pakistan are calling for him to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

‘Can we take Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize and give it to Imran Khan?’: Jeremy McCllelan

‘I will never regret supporting Imran Khan

‘In a world full of Modis, be an Imran Khan’: Veena Malik

‘No doubt our super hero PM has won hearts all around the world’

‘A politician thinks of next elections, a statesman thinks of the future generations’: Andleeb Abbas quotes James Freeman Clark

‘I am proud of Imran Khan. He showed that he is the ambassador of peace’

‘Imran Khan has a habit of such magnanimous acts, like he has done in Abhinandan case’

Imran Khan has also received love, appreciation and thanks from across the border.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation and said that war was not the solution to the crisis. He offered peace talks again to India, stressing that the Kashmir issue could only be resolved via dialogue.

Director-General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) also said that Pakistan wants peace and stability in the region but will go to any lengths to safeguard the sovereignty of the country.

During the custody, Abhinandan said that he was extremely impressed by the professionalism of the country’s armed forces.

“Pakistan Army officers are thorough gentlemen and have been professional. Starting from the captain who rescued me from the mob. This is exactly how I expect my army to behave too and I would not change my statement if I return to my country,” Abhinandan.

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  1. Riaz March 1, 2019

    Yes he deserve but not give space to CORRUPT people

  2. Riaz March 1, 2019

    Yes he deserve bcz it is good for credibility of nobal prize which has already lost bcz many undeserved people got it


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