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Did You Know YouTube Disabled Comments On Videos Featuring Kids?

YouTube has recently disabled comments on videos featuring kids following predatory comments targeting young children.

YouTube personality Matt Watson posted a video in February exposing what he termed a “soft-core pedophilia ring” on the Google-owned video sharing website. Following which, YouTube decided to address the problem by removing the ability for anyone, pedophile or not, to comment on videos of children — though how it plans to identify those videos isn’t clear.

John Brandon, in an article on Inc, commended the move, saying that this would curb hate speech.

He said: “Facebook doesn’t even allow kids on the platform, likely for the same reason that YouTube disabled comments–it’s just too easy to get lured into discussions and a direct message exchange. It’s not worth it. Comments are already out of control, and often way too personal. Keep the comments on a more accountable platform for everyone to see and for the tech giants to monitor. Companies like Facebook and Twitter should work much harder to find ways to monitor content but to keep the discussion open and free.”

However, the decision didn’t sit well with many users as they were of the view that YouTube had disabled comments arbitrarily.

One of the users said that even the comments on tutorial websites have been disabled.

“How am I supposed to communicate with teachers?” she asked.

People have also complained that the YouTube has “ruined” their viewing experience.

One user said: “The comments are essential. The good ones. The bad ones.The confusing and hard to understand ones.”

YouTube has also disabled comments on some family vlogs.

One user complained: “We never receive inappropriate comments please help us re-enable the comments section!!!”

Courtesy: Rappler 

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