Democracy Implies Tolerance of Dissent

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Democracy Implies Tolerance of Dissent

In February, Pakistan arrested Indian pilot Abhinandan after his jet was shot down by Pakistan Air Force (PAF) for entering the country’s airspace.

He was later released as peace gesture on orders on Imran Khan as Pakistan made the first move towards de-escalation. The same month, PTM leader Arman Loni was murdered, but FIR is yet to be registered. Police also launched crackdown on those who peacefully protested his killing.

Forman Christian College professor Ammar Ali Jan was arrested among others but later released after protests by activists. Ailia Zehra questions different treatment of dissenters.

She says the people that are called ‘anti-state’ and ‘traitors’ were also among the ones who praised Pakistan for choosing not to retaliate to Indian aggression. Also says these people commended Indian pilot’s release too, but themselves are treated unfairly.

She asks dissenters to be treated the same way as Indian pilot as it is extremely essential for the continuance of democracy and strengthening of democratic values in the country.

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