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Dead Bodies Of Abducted Ahmadi Doctors Found In Fateh Jang

Dead bodies of two Ahmadi doctors, who went missing three days ago, were found in Fateh Jang.

The Ahmadi doctors were reported missing by their families to the police.

Police said that Dr Tahir Aziz and Dr Iftikhar were abducted from Gali Jagir area of Fateh Jang three days ago. Their bodies were found on Monday morning.

Dr Iftikhar had returned from the United States a few days ago.

It is still not confirmed whether the doctors were killed in a hate-crime related incident or due to personal enmity.

This is a developing story and will be updated accordingly..



  1. Syed A Naqvi MD March 18, 2019


  2. N Qureshi March 19, 2019

    Iftikhar Ahmed was my doctor colleague and a very nice friend. This incident has nothing to with him about being Ahmadi. He was trying sell his land which was forcefully occupied by some villains and they abducted them on their way home. They were reported missing on the 13th March and the bodies were recovered by Police. The media as usual is taking advantage of this tragic situation and trying to connect dots to make it look like an Ahmadi related incident. It’s just sad.


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