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Czech Model Sentenced Over Drug Trafficking, But Who Is The Real Trouble Maker?

A Czech woman has been convicted for drug trafficking in Pakistan. She will appeal almost 9-year long sentence and Rs100,000 fine. Tereza Hluskova, 21, was arrested last year with 8.5 kgs of heroin. Trafficking over 10 kgs of narcotics can lead to a life sentence.

So experienced traffickers or handlers often place 8.5-9.5 kgs. Hluskova told the court she was in Pakistan for a modelling assignment, and didn’t know who placed the drugs in her luggage. She said she was being used as a carrier, and wasn’t a drug dealer.

Pakistan is ONE of the world’s largest exporters of drugs, especially heroin. Using foreigners, especially women, as drug carriers is an old trend. Scores of foreigners are annually arrested for trafficking drugs from Pakistan. In 2013, 37 such arrests were made. In 2014, there were 33. British, Nigerian, Afghan, Turkish, Filipino and Dutch citizens are all used.

The Anti-Narcotics Force says that women are targeted more than men, because it is assumed that they are more likely to slip past security. In 2012, an Islamabadi man married a British national of Pakistani origin, and sent his new wife to Britain with his luggage which had 15kg of heroin.

She was apprehended, while her husband, the real criminal, went into hiding. More recently, a foreign PhD student, was arrested with 325 gms of cocaine. Ifenaye Junior Aloja was enrolled in a private Islamabad University. How many of these foreigners are drug dealers and how many are unwitting carriers?

Do you think the ANF should focus more on those producing and dealing the drugs?

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