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Comedian Trevor Noah Apologises For Joking About Pak-India Conflict After Backlash

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Comedian Trevor Noah has apologised for joking about Pakistan and India conflict after he received backlash from social media users.

Trevor Noah had said in a recent episode of Daily Show that war between the two countries would be the most entertaining and it would be the longest war of all, implying because of “another dance number!”

The episode had sparked an outrage with many people calling the comedian “racist”.

A social media user wrote: “Hey #AntiIndia @BBCWorld: #TrevorNoah compared India’s war against terrorism to a Bollywood dance number. People are dying & this lunatic thinks it’s funny. But, you on the other hand think that his crude joke on a real war is actually a political satire? Wow!”

Another user, Zainab Sikander, wrote: “It’s sad when someone who’s had a violent past mocks war through a Bollywood stereotype. @Trevornoah ‘s mother was shot in the head by her husband(Trevor’s stepfather).Imagine someone making fun of it with a Xhosa stereotype – the tribe his mum belongs to”

Replying to Zainab’s Tweet, Noah wrote that he “uses comedy to process pain and discomfort” in world and apologised for it.

“I am sorry that this hurt you and others, that’s not what I was trying to do,” he wrote.

However, Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari reacted to Noah’s apology Tweet and said: “Make jokes not war? Much better plan. Sorry to hear about your mother. Traumatic for any son and never cool for anyone else to joke about. Peace from Pakistan.”

Tensions between the two rival countries have escalated in the wake of Pulwama attack that claimed lives of more than 40 Indian paramilitary troops. Following the attack, India has violated Pakistan’s airspace and claimed to have killed more than 300 militants in Balakot of which India is yet to give any proof of.


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