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CCTV Cameras Installed In Peshawar To Capture Garbage-Throwing Citizens

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Water and Sanitation Service Peshawar WSSP has installed CCTV cameras in various public places in Peshawar, to take action against those who throw garbage in canals and drains, WSSP spokesman Hassan Chishti said.

Chishti told that they have installed three cameras in Board Bazaar and are going to expand this plan to the whole city in the next few weeks. “We will monitor these cameras from WSSP head office directly, which is located in Hayatabad”, he added.

He said that the violators would be detained by WSSP workers and a fine of 10 to 50,000 Rs would be imposed. In addition to that, an FIR would also be registered in a nearby police station. Action will be taken under Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Government Act, he added.

According to WSSP officials, after Board Bazaar CCTV cameras will be installed in Firdos Chock, Hashtnagri, Bach Khan Chock, Dilzak Road, and Kohat Road.

Gul Agha, a shopkeeper who has been working in Board Bazaar for ten years, said that a few nongovernmental organizations and youth activists had cleaned this canal alongside the bazaar in the past. Last year an organization named IM volunteer skimmed all the garbage and took it to dumping site but after a few days people once again started throwing wastes in the canal, he said.

Agha says installation of cameras is the only solution as it would help keep our environment clean because violators would be identified.

A hotel owner on University Road, Khalid Shah, says that people have to pay for their own mistakes. “They throw wastes in drains instead of properly disposing it off and after when it rains, the water enters into our homes, hotels, and shops.

After the recent spell of rain, GT Road was blocked owing to the overflow of rainwater. Resultantly, there was a bad traffic jam on Khyber Road outside KP assembly and on University road near Tambowano Mor for hours.

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