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Backlash Over Mehwish Hayat’s Award Details Ingrained Misogyny

Actor Mehwish Hayat was hurled with abuses on social media after she received the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz on Pakistan Day.

Her haters were of the opinion that she did not deserve the award. Although there were some messages of support from her fellow celebrities amid the backlash, the hateful messages on social media outnumbered the positive ones.

This episode is yet another reminder of the deeply-ingrained misogyny in the society. If a woman does not conform to the societal standards of ‘modesty’, she must be up to no good.

Even for women working in other fields such as politics, having achievements discredited on such grounds is a norm. But no one asks a man if he ‘slept his way’ to an achievement. This discriminatory attitude towards accomplished women stems from the deep-rooted misogyny, which is often normalised by media.

It is about time we worked towards ending it.

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