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Australian PM Wants Charges Against Egged Senator For Hitting A Teen

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said that a case should be registered against the egged anti-Muslim senator for hitting a teen, who cracked an egg on racist senator’s head.

The 17-year-old egg boy has become an online sensation after he cracked egg on senator’s head during a neo-Nazi meeting.

Police had detained the teen but released him after a while.

After an Australian white-supremacist had opened fire on two mosques, killing 50 worshippers, the senator had defended him.

Many people have lauded the egg boy for egging the “Islamophobic” senator.

A social media user wrote that when she was feeling ashamed of being an Australian, the egg boy came and turned the situation all around.

People have also thanked the egg boy.

People have also lauded him. One of the social media users said that “this kid deserves a shout out. Anybody who stands up to white nationalism and racism like this, in a “somewhat” non-violent way (note the response from the guy was to throw haymakers) deserves to be given kudos”.


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