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Asad Umar Under Fire For Launching Below The Belt Attack on Bilawal

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Finance Minister Asad Umar has come under criticism for playing “divisive politics” and “questioning Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s patriotism”.

In a National Assembly session on Wednesday, Asad Umar had criticised the PPP chairman for not using “Zardari” as his surname, implying that Bilawal might not be proud of being a Zardari.

Later, he accused Bilawal of speaking the language of India and said that Bilawal is pandering to colonial masters, where all of their wealth is hidden, whenever he delivers his speech in English.

A day earlier, Bilawal had questioned whether the National Action Plan (NAP) was meant for the opposition parties and not for the proscribed organisations.

He had said that if a joint investigation team could be formed against the PPP leadership then why it was not done against the proscribed organisations.

However, the PTI leader has come under scathing criticism for “distributing certificates of patriotism”.

Senior PPP leader Hina Rabbani Khar has expressed disappointment and said that “one would have hoped that the PTI would’ve learnt from the opposition in uniting the country against India’s aggression”.

She advised Asad Umar to concentrate on getting this country out of the economic mess he has created, instead of playing divisive politics.

Assad Zulfiqar Khan urged Asad Umar to “read up on the genocide his father perpetrated in Bangladesh instead of calling anyone else a traitor”.

Columnist Ayesha Ijaz Khan questioned if this is the best Asad Umer could do?

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“Pathetic pathetic response. Casting aspersions on others’ patriotism as a means to distract from their own mind-blowing incompetence has become a PTI hallmark.”


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