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Army Likely To Be In Control Of Major Copper, Gold Mine Project In Balochistan

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There is a high possibility of Pakistan Army being in-charge of the Reko Diq project in Balochistan—a major gold and copper mining investment project and has the potential to stave off the country’s financial woes.

According to Reuters, the military has become a major stakeholder in the project as it considers Reko Diq a national strategic asset.

The army has taken over the control of the project, however, the military spokesman office told Reuters that the military might only participate in the project as it will be headed by the government. The military, however, emphasised that the military-run Frontier Works Organisation will be the most suitable firm to take charge of the project as the military-controlled firm is highly capable.

The government has denied that the project will be led by the military.

Currently, Pakistan is trying to settle a case regarding the project in a World Bank with its previous investors. If the verdict comes against Pakistan, the country would suffer huge financial loss.


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