Anti-Ahmadi Oxford Student Suspended Over Recruitment For Extremist Group

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Anti-Ahmadi Oxford Student Suspended Over Recruitment For Extremist Group

Oxford University has suspended Danial Farooq, a member of the university’s Pakistan Society Committee that blocked the screening of Pakistan’s first Nobel prize winner scientist Dr Abdus Salam’s documentary, over the charges of “recruitment for an extremist group”.

Farooq now faces an investigation for allegedly recruiting members for Hizb ut-Tahrir which seeks to establish an Islamic state under Sharia law.

Farooq is said to be involved in anti-Ahmadiyya activities as well.

Taking to Twitter, a former student of the university and a co-organiser of the screening of Dr Salam documentary at the university, Mashal Iftikhar shared that she warned the university about his activities but the administration paid no heed to it.

Mashal also criticised the varsity for not taking action against the man earlier, despite being presented with the evidence of man being the member of the militant group.

She said: “We included online evidence of his affiliation with HizbuTahrir in a letter to Proctors and our concern that his extremist leanings were causing him to discriminate against minority Ahmadi students. We received a cold uninterested response from the university”.

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