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5 Takeaways From Nusrat Javeed’s Column On Indo-Pak Crisis

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A lot has happened between India and Pakistan in the last week: from Indian ‘airstikes’ in Balakot, to Pakistan shooting down an Indian MiG 21 jet and arresting its pilot to later releasing him.

Journalist Nusrat Javeed penned his analysis over the ongoing tensions between the two countries in his latest column. Here are 5 takeaways from it.

Third Party Intervention Accepted By India

According to the Shimla agreement signed by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Indira Gandhi in 1972, Pakistan and India will “settle their differences by peaceful means through bilateral negotiations”.

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But third parties have since played an important role. Nusrat Javeed writes that the current crisis de-escalated due to efforts of third-parties. In 1999, he adds, had the then PM Nawaz Sharif not reached out to the then US president Bill Clinton, the Kargil issue would not have been resolved.

India Was Forced To Refrain From Missile Attacks Through US, UAE And Saudi Arabia

Javeed writes that Indian PM Narendra Modi was aiming for a missile attack on Pakistan to boost his voter bank. PM Imran Khan had also said that Pakistan was prepared for an attack of such sort.

However, the neighbouring country was refrained from taking such a step by third-parties including the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan Released Indian Pilot On Trump’s Assurance

Nusrat Javeed says that Pakistan did not free Indian pilot Abhinandan out of free will or as a peace gesture as Prime Minister Imran Khan said. The pilot was freed after US President Donald Trump’s assurance that India would not attack Pakistan.

Prior to Khan’s National Assembly address where he announced release of the Indian pilot, Trump had said that he is receiving ‘good news’ from Pakistan and India.

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Trump Was Under Pressure Because He Failed To Get A Deal From North Korea

Trump was coming off a failed deal with North Korea and had to make sure he did something worth mentioning.

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The Pak-India tensions had him release some of the pressure because he ‘made a deal’ with Pakistan and India and saved South Asian region from a potential atomic war.

By Spilling The Beans Beforehand, Trump Made It Difficult For Modi To Save Face In His Constituency

Trump said that he is hearing ‘good news’ from Pakistan and India and that has greatly affected the ‘election campaign’ of Narendra Modi, who is using an anti-Pakistan rhetoric to secure another 5 years in the government.


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