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Why does India choose a specific period of time to violate line of control

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India follows a very specific pattern every year. They violate line of control every December and February. Media creates a major fuss in the country to build momentum and then they execute their plan. Watch the video to learn more

  •  Why does Indian govt choose the period
  •  between December and February every year
  •  for the violations on Line of Control?
  •  Modi always tries to win the elections
  •  by creating war hysteria against Pakistan
  •  Pakistan was already expecting Modi to do it
  •  during his election year 2019
  •  Moreover, for last several years, Indian economy was growing
  •  at a rate of around 11-12 per cent a year,
  •  but it has been on decline since Narendra Modi took power
  •  However, Indian defence budget never saw any cuts
  •  It has been rising constantly since the days of high growth
  •  and it is still rising
  •  India’s military expenditure is 5th highest in the world
  •  Indian budget is being prepared right now
  •  and Indian forces would certainly be eyeing a raise in budgets
  •  So they’ll succeed in getting it done, like every other year
  •  Prime Minister Imran Khan did exactly the right thing
  •  by not losing his nerves in this hour of crisis
  •  and inviting India for talks even under these circumstances
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