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When does it become enough?

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To say that age is a number is plausible. However, as you go high in number so you must come down in strength. Tween and twenties garner a healthy supple skin with stamina to match. Fast forward ten years and you come to accept what it is and are usually resigned to your fate except a few who drain their pockets for a flashy convertible. A couple of years later, the only thing you want to do right is to make sure that the assigned prescription drugs are neatly stored in the cute little storage boxes that are a physical reminder of your health issues. We, however, Botox our way into the late 50’s while the 60’s are the start of a volunteer era and therapy induced days. It is at this point when human body has had enough and we crave for quieter days and spontaneous nights.

Michelle Obama in her memoir writes, ”as if growing up is finite – as if at some point u stop – u become something and that’s the end”

I agree wholeheartedly. We evolve constantly. According to Darwin, we were monkeys first and humans later so that alone states the case. But what lies ahead? Do we become a different species altogether or is the growth more of an augmentation of our soul, a surge of emotions unknown, evolution of abilities, or a maturation of skills?

Not that long ago, Galileo’s propositions of Earth’s spherical shape earned him widespread condemnation and criticism from general public and the Church alike. He was a revolutionary giant to have publicly contradicted an imagined reality. This was evolution indeed. Voyages by the Spanish crown, Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama and many others imply the ever-increasing extent of a human mind.

Humanity however cannot be penned down as a well-rounded amalgamation of triumphs, highs or intriguing feats of glory. We have been known to dabble in uncanny approaches that sets back an era of human growth chart. On November 8, 2016 the crazy vote in America won. Senator Hillary Clinton remained a captive of her alleged glass ceiling and the biggest reality show on earth paved its way into the life of every American with Donald Trump at its helm. A new Commander-in-Chief, a new President, an Office in which the very aura screams power and intimidation was taken over by a joke whose buffoonery now makes headlines all over the world. I believe that was a reality brought forth by a decline in human prowess and intuition.

Dr Sedvig very aptly puts in “Thor – the dark world”: “There is nothing more reassuring than realizing that the world is crazier than you”.

It doesn’t necessarily put one in a good light but being a step above the bottom feeder renders a celebration of its own. Ultimately, it’s the choices that signal our ascent or the growth that we consciously want to achieve. Human body may weaken, its strength nosedive but a human mind remains a perpetual source of amazement.

The Swedish giant Ikea’s name is synonymous with self-help and self-assembly followed by an end result of self-praise. An average buyer spends quality time with the instruction manual and painstakingly focuses to screw together a masterpiece which he would have to pay a lot for if he had enlisted a carpenter. Ikea not only compels a guy to buy but also dupes it into working with his hands too. The age bracket for the consumers is not limited to the young and the restless alone rather an ample amount of its patrons are in their 50’s and above.

There is no end to what a human mind can achieve. Stephen Hawking, to this day, remains a champion to those crippled by fate and humanity alike. Quaid-e-Azam, Margaret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Karl Marx, Leonardo Di-Vinci, Anne Frank – inspiration has many facets, not bound by age, society and disability.

Age should never cripple one’s imagination, neither should decrepitude. Evolution of mind and body works only if we continue to strain against our comfort zone and thrust forward into the unknown. The idea isn’t novel, hence attainable. Age only needs to stay a number and the rest becomes a history.

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