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What’s the difference between us and those we criticize?


  • We curse army because we say
  • that they consider themselves above criticism
  • But do we allow our kids and wives at home
  • or our subordinates at the work
  • to oppose us?
  • Don’t we lose all sense of rationality
  • over minor disputes?
  • We say politicians are bad because they lie
  • They can’t be trusted for anything
  • But are our shops, markets, offices
  • only run with honesty?
  • Isn’t it we who sell expired goods?
  • Don’t we change even our religion
  • on the passport in order to get visa?
  • Do we sell our products with complete honesty?
  • Don’t we lie to our employees, employers and officers?
  • Jaun (Elia) probably said this about us:
  • You’re so innocent
  • What’s there that you haven’t done?
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