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We Don’t Wish To Go To War, But We Are Prepared To Defend Ourselves: ISPR

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Director-General (DG) Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor on Friday said that Pakistan does not wish to go to war, but in case of an attack from across the border, Pakistan has full right to respond and will respond as the nation’s wants the army to.

Addressing a press conference in Rawalpindi, DG ISPR said that India leveled baseless allegations against Pakistan after the Pulwama Attack. He said Pakistan took so long to respond to Indian accusations because the state institutions wanted to investigate the matter first and then issue a reply to India.

“The false rhetoric that Pakistan is preparing for war is being spread in India, when in fact, it is them who are threatening to go to war. Pakistan is not preparing to go to war, but in case of Indian aggression of attack, the country’s forces will act as the nation wants them to,” DG ISPR said. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan has given full authority to the armed forces to act as required in case of Indian attack.

‘Several elements in India had predicted an attack’

Major Gen Asif said that several elements in India were already hinting at an attack of this kind. He said it was impossible that someone from Pakistan crossed the border into occupied-Kashmir or India because the security is beefed up.

He also said that Pakistan had 8 major events in the country when Pulwama Attack took place. The Saudi Crown Prince was to visit the country, European Union had to probe human rights violations in Kashmir and Pakistan Super League (PSL) is ongoing too, he said, adding that it was also election season in India.

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‘Pakistan has been isolated’

DG ISPR said that Pakistan has not been isolated diplomatically. He said that Pakistan has seen a lot of change in recent times and there is not sign of isolation. “If that was the case, foreign leaders would not visit the country,” he said.

He said PM Khan has offered India that he would take action if they provide evidence. Moreover, Khan also offered to solve the Kashmir Issue, and ‘that has not happened before’.


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