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Violence against maids in Pakistan must be stopped. So should be child labor


  • Today, I will discuss a topic
  • which keeps popping up on media time and again
  • and we make a lot of noise over it every time
  • before it eventually fades out of our memories
  • I am talking about violence against house maids,
  • especially the minor ones
  • Every now and then we come across images
  • of minor child-maids who are subjected to physical assault
  • We talk about such incidents for some time,
  • knowing who these people are
  • They are educated and well-to-do
  • We make some noise for some days and then go silent
  • My question is, what kind of a society
  • allows abuse and exploitation of minors?
  • Neither does the government care, nor the society
  • As a psychologist, I would suggest that parents should
  • keep an eye on aggressive kids, who love to subject
  • other kids, animals or people to violence
  • because such traits become part of their personality
  • as they grow up
  • Because as they grow up, they become powerful, educated
  • and skilled, which might make them
  • harass others to feel satisfied
  • Secondly, the govt is requested to make an example
  • out of people who subject others to violence
  • and they must not be shown any mercy
  • Also it is responsibility of all well-to-do people
  • to take care of and provide for our maids
  • as they are as much humans as we are
  • Collecting garbage and cleaning your bathrooms
  • does not mean they are any less of human beings
  • and do not deserve your respect
  • What we should do is not employ minors at any cost,
  • and help the elderly working members of their families
  • but we must not allow child labour
  • However, if you have minor maids working at home,
  • I request you to treat them with respect
  • Because they are just as much human as your children
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