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This Girl From Peshawar Lost Her Hands In An Accident. But That Has Not Stopped Her From Excelling

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Saba Gul, a student in Peshawar, lost both her hands in an accident in 2005, but that has not stopped her from working to make her dreams come true.

According to an article published in TRT World, Saba Gul was playing with her friends in 2005 when a high-voltage electric wire fell on her. The doctors had to amputate both her hands due to severe damage.

Source: Saba Rehman/TRT World

But that does not stop Saba from living a normal life.

“The doctors amputated my both hands and since then I am using my feet as my hands to get through life,” she told TRT World.

Saba, who studies at the Islamia College For Girls in Peshawar, said life was initially very difficult without her hands, but overtime she learned to manage her work using her feet.

Source: Saba Rehman/TRT World

“Life without hands was indeed very tough in the beginning, but with the passage of time I have trained myself to be a normal person. I believe one should be bold and brave in facing the difficulties of life,” she said.

Source: Saba Rehman/TRT World

The brave young girl has learned to write, iron her clothes and do other stuff using her toes.

Among her inspirations are late lawyer and activist Asma Jahangir and Muniba Mazari. So it is not surprising that Saba, just like her inspirations, is a fearless female who can fight against all odds.

Saba says that education is very important for girls and that she aspires to be a lawyer so she could work for women rights.

Source: Saba Rehman/TRT World

Despite her bravery and improvisation, Saba believes that not having hands puts hurdles in her way and requests the government to provide her with artificial hands.

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“Saba the bravest girl I have ever known in my life. She is an inspiration for all of us,” says one of Saba’s close friends.

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  1. Saad Hussain February 9, 2019

    I want to marry saba gul.


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