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Theatre is an art that helps you understand yourself: Sarmad Khoosat talks to Naya Daur

Sarmad Khoosat says theatre is the platform through which you can express yourself more freely than in a political rally, by creating a story and dialogue. He was talking exclusively to Naya Daur.

  •  Theatre, or any other medium of storytelling,
  •  is certainly very important because through them
  •  you tell stories around you and the ones inside you
  •  It also happens that when you look at something
  •  you’ve gone through
  •  from another person’s point of view,
  •  you understand a lot of things about your own life
  •  If you look at theatre’s history,
  •  it has even contributed to revolutions
  •  You can say things at a theatre that you can’t in a rally
  •  with the help of a story and dialogue
  •  Other visual mediums, mainly cinema and TV,
  •  include many other techniques and ingredients
  •  but theatre is always dialogue-heavy,
  •  almost always, in the kind of theatre we practice today
  •  So dialogue too is very important in life
  •  I feel that we’ve stopped listening to people
  •  We just want to speak and impose our opinions
  •  We listen to others only to pass our remarks in response
  •  But in theatre, even when you’re saying a wrong thing,
  •  there’s another character that corrects you, through dialogue
  •  If you’re saying the right thing, you’d have to create
  •  a conflict or a conversation with another character
  •  So theatre promotes dialogue
  •  and I think an exercise in dialogue is important for us all
  •  Moreover, we don’t have many outlets for entertainment
  •  so definitely theatre is entertaining,
  •  and it’s very real also
  •  I think, for me, as an actor,
  •  nothing can match the experience of working at theatre
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