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South Asians have the highest rate of heart diseases

South Asians have the highest rate of heart diseases in the world and that is due to their lifestyle, ancestral lineage and genetics. In Pakistan, the situation is alarming as 46 people die every hour due to heart related issues, but the number can be reduced with minor lifestyle changes.

  •  South Asians have the highest rate of heart diseases,
  •  an ongoing study has revealed
  •  Findings thus far have revealed that apart from
  •  the lifestyle of the studied individuals,
  •  ancestral lineage and genetics are major contributing factors
  •  Another reason for high rates of heart disease was
  •  that South Asians had a greater tendency
  •  to store body fat in places where it should not be
  •  like liver, abdomen and the muscles
  •  South Asians are also ‘stronger candidates’ for statin medication
  •  44% of the South Asian participants with normal body weight
  •  had two or more metabolic abnormalities
  •  The situation is also alarming in Pakistan
  •  as 46 people die in the country every hour
  •  due to heart related issues
  •  Three years ago, the hourly number was 12
  •  Also, according to Shifa medical centre,
  •  40-45 percent people in Pakistan die due to heart diseases
  •  Medical experts say that heart diseases could be prevented
  •  with minor lifestyle modifications
  •  like, controlling blood pressure, maintaining a healthy weight,
  •  eating a healthy diet, and managing stress
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